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Greece is a country in southeastern Europe with an enormous number of islands all through the Aegean and Ionian seas. Incredible in out of date events, it’s every now and again called the help of Western turn of events. Athens, its capital, holds achievements including the fifth century B.C. Acropolis fortress with the Parthenon asylum. Greece is furthermore known for its beaches, from the dim sands of Santorini to the get-together hotels of Mykonos.

In Greece the driving license is a managerial right given to the people who request a grant for any of the classes they need. It is required for every sort of motorized vehicle. The base age to get a driving grant is: 16 years for a bicycle, 18 years for a vehicle, and 21 years for transports and cargo vehicles.

Ordinarily The Greek driving license can be obtained ensuing to finishing a driving school and completing a two-stage evaluation, the theory test and road test. Evaluation school affirmation is also expected to get considerable driver’s license.

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