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Fake Texas Driver License

Available Cards: State ID & Driver’s license of Texas.

Term: 6 years for non-CDL, expiring on birthday.

Number: 8 digits, unspaced, uncoded.

Template: Current design matches Texas licenses issued by the DMV.

Fake Texas Driver License

Everything is bigger in Texas. It doesn’t matter if it’s the heat, the music, the chicken fried steak, or the ten gallon hats, this state supersizes everything. And don’t even fret about not being old enough to drink; our fake ID is nothing short of a sheriff’s badge that can make you the top dog in town.

That spells good news for the lucky guy or gal that decides to cruise by the Lone Star State for a good time. There’s plenty to be done here to make many of your evenings as memorable as they can be. So saddle up, buckle up, and get strapped in as we take you round the drinking rodeo of these parts.

About: One of the biggest misconceptions about Texas is that it harbors people that like to drink a lot. In reality,  it’s not the quantity that matters but rather the quality. Looking at the raw stats, you’ll find that only about 17.3% of the population of drinking adults admits to drinking excessively.

This is a moderate enough number where you’re not going to be finding people slamming drinks down left and right. But what they will be slamming down is going to hit harder than your average watered down beer. Fake Texas Driver License

To use your ID effectively read How do they spot a fake Texas ID?

Texas Drinking Culture: Texas’ drinking culture is loud and proud. You can find people drinking here for anything like hanging out with friends or family, celebrating special occasions, or just partying out and having a good time.

Unsurprisingly, the drink of choice in this region is the good ‘ol Texas beer. But you can also find some other popular choices like tequila shots, whiskey, paloma, and a mojito or two.


There are a couple of Texan bars where you can have the true blue booze experience without a legit ID, let’s look at some of ‘em.

  1. Bishop Cidercade in Dallas: It is a bar and a classic arcade all rolled into one. You can play all your favorite coin operated games while enjoying the local ciders, all possible with a fake ID.
  2. Continental Club: An Austin bar that does two things well; beer and music. It’s essentially a rock ‘n roll bar that plays the classic hits while you can enjoy your drinks.


There are definitely some bars in Texas that will bar you from entering without an ID on you.

  1. Craft Pride: It does everything right with craft culture. It has great craft beers, amazing service, and delicious pizza. The only caveat being that you need an ID.
  2. Billy Bob’s Texas: A popular Fort Worth joint that has a ton of legacy and great drink service. Just be sure to bring an ID with you.

Drinking Laws in Texas: Texas considers buying alcohol (or even trying to buy alcohol) illegal under the age of 21 unless in the presence of a responsible parent, guardian, or spouse. Trying to use a fake ID to buy alcohol will also get you in trouble. Fake Texas Driver License



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